History of Former Archives Building

Note: The street address for this building changed several times over the years.

History of the Former Archives Building

140 E. Main St, Xenia, OH

1867 Samuel Puterbaugh signs his last will and testament, leaving to his son Samuel the west half of lot number 30 in Xenia, “known as the old Pottery”. (Will Record Vol. M, p. 17-24).
1869 The building at 140 East Main Street (modern day street address) was built, replacing or encompassing, another smaller building. According to Broadstone’s History of Greene County, published in 1918, the building was first used as a wholesale grocery establishment and later as a furniture warehouse.
1870 According to Auditor’s Duplicates, “Imp. Store 1870”—Value of Improvements “$5000”.
1898 The building housed Palace Stable, owned by W. L. Marshall.
1904 The building housed Palace Stable, now owned by L.B. Dean & Son.
1912 Smith Advertising opens for business.
1959 Central Auto Parts opens for business.
1993 The building was purchased by the Board of County Commissioners of Greene County, Ohio.
Greene County Records Center and Archives opens to the public.
2011 Major structural damage forced the Archives to close, for a month, while the building was temporarily stabilized.
2012 In January, the Greene County Records Center and Archives began moving the records to their new location at 535 Ledbetter Rd.
2012 The building at 140 E. Main Street was demolished on July 3, 2012.