Children Awaiting Adoption


16 Years Old

Picture of CJ (JPG)

CJ is a typical 16 year old who likes to hang out with friends and play outside in his free time. CJ is interested in pursuing a career where he could work on cars or something in the engineering field. He enjoys taking walks to clear his head. His favorite meal to cook is fish. Those who know CJ have described him as very hard-working, smart, and have expressed that he is able to complete anything he puts his mind to. CJ is an excellent reader and enjoys Sci-Fi and Mythology.


14 Years Old

Picture of Jeffrey (JPG)

Jeffrey's interests include playing video games, being outdoors, and rebuilding electronics. He also loves learning home improvement projects. Jeff is learning life skills and gaining more independence on a daily basis.


14 Years Old

Picture of Christian (JPG)

Christian is a talkative young man who enjoys conversations ranging from various sporting activities to philosophy. He has an active lifestyle which has included football, basketball, and skateboarding. Academically, he has performed above his grade level and he says he enjoys school. Christian would benefit from a home with a strong male figure with children his same age and older. He has two sisters that he keeps in contact with.


16 Years Old

Picture of Aryian (JPG)

Aryian enjoys cosmetology and is wanting to go to school for cosmetology upon graduation from high school. He learns at grade level and is doing well in school. He enjoys playing video games and watching sports. Aryian will strive in a home with a male figure and older siblings.


16 Years Old

Picture of Clarence (JPG)

Clarence enjoys cleaning and cutting the grass. He loves learning about different tools and equipment. He also enjoys animals and learning about them and their way of life. Clarence wants to be a construction worker when he graduates from high school.


17 Years Old

Picture of Justice (JPG)

Justice enjoys doing make-up and hair. She is interested in going to school for cosmetology. Justice loves watching tutorials to perfect her craft of cosmetology. She does well in school and is learning skills to become more independent.


17 Years Old

Picture of Timothy (JPG)

Tim enjoys spending time with his aunt. He also enjoys going to the art museum and watching movies. Tim has a big personality and sense of humor. He loves going to school. Tim spends time at the food bank to gain work experience.


11 Years Old

Picture of Brianna(JPG)

Brianna is a very sweet girl who has a desire to make new friends. She enjoys art and her favorite color is purple. Brianna enjoys animals and has experience working with horses, guinea pigs, and bunnies. Brianna loves trying new foods, but especially loves dessert. She's a chocolate fanatic! She enjoys school and is a very bright girl.


13 Years Old

Picture of Tyler (JPG)

Tyler is a talkative and active child. He enjoys playing basketball. His favorite player is LeBron James. He likes gaming on the Xbox and has an interest in history, particularly old cars and the civil rights movement. He likes learning new things and exploring. Tyler also loves dogs and would enjoy a home that has animals. Tyler has stated that he wants to make the world a better place by making it more environmentally friendly. He would like to join the military or attend college to become a technician on motor vehicles.


15 Years Old

Picture of Anthonyy (JPG)

Anthonyy is 15 years old. He enjoys baking in his spare time. Anthonyy also enjoys playing the guitar and has been playing since he was little. Anthonyy is wanting to attend a trade schools to eventually become a mechanic. Anthonyy is very motivated and hard working. He has a great sense of humor.


10 Years Old

Picture of Scottie (JPG)

Scottie has a big imagination and enjoys playing pretend as well as dressing up as his favorite characters. If given the choice, he would rather ride his bike than have screen time. Scottie gets along well with others and would like to have some playmates his age. He would benefit from a family that is willing to support the lifelong challenges that are associated with his intellectual needs. Scottie loves school and his favorite classes are music or art related. When learning a new task or subject, he is eager to share this information with trusted people. Scottie has been described as 'talkative, sweet, and caring'. He has been a help around the house and has not had issues following household rules. Scottie states that he is most comfortable with a two-parent household that is active and have similar interests. Scottie does best in a structured environment with patience from the caregiver.