2017 Property Revaluation

Greene County recently released its tentative values to be used in the calculation of taxes due in 2018. We will not be able to tell you the impact this will have on your 2018 taxes until tax rates are certified in December 2017.

The links below will assist you in obtaining information about your property and help provide a better understanding of the revaluation process.

Contesting Your Tentative Property Value


Ohio law requires the County Auditor to complete a valuation update of every property in the county every three years.  We have completed our tentative valuation update for tax year 2017 which will impact the taxes you pay in 2018.

If  you are not satisfied with the results of the informal review or are unable to participate in the review process, you have the right to file a formal valuation complaint between January 1 and March 31 through the Greene County Board of Revision.  Information concerning the Board of Revision process is available here.