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What does an Archivist Do?

Take a journey through the Greene County Archives and discover what an Archivist Does.

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What is an Archives?

 Learn about what an Archives Is...

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What is a Record?

Explore what a Record Is...

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Activities to Download


Greene County History Crossword Activity Packet
Includes a crossword puzzle with a word bank and answers with the filled in crossword. Students will learn about the History of Greene County.         
Greene County Historical Coloring Book 
Includes 11 unique pictures that capture the rich history of the County! Get your crayons out!


Archives Word Search Activity Packet
Includes word search with word bank and answers to word search. Students will learn "keywords" that help illustrate what an
archives is. 

            Biographies for Kids
In this fun book you will learn all about biographies and autobiographies with a very special helper!
            Genealogy for Kids
In this packet, you will learn all about family history and genealogy.
            Maps for Kids
In this fun packet you will learn  all about maps and you will get to complete fun puzzles!

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State of Ohio - Fun facts and history about Ohio.