Change in Occupancy Procedure


In order to apply for a Simple Change in Occupancy Permit (No changes in interior partitions or structure) you will need the following:
  • Application for Building permit completely filled out
  • Two complete sets of floor plans drawn to scale
  • Identify use of each room, room dimensions, location of doors, windows and layout of furnishings and shelving. Indicate aisle widths
  • Identify, on plans, previous tenant Use Group
  • Indicate, on plans, if building has a fire suppression system
  • Indicate, on plans, the type of construction (use of combustible or non-combustible materials)
  • Plans sealed by an architect or engineer are not required if proposed occupant is the same Use Group as previous tenant
  • Change of tenant Use Groups or illegible plans will be required to be sealed by an architect or engineer
  • Approved zoning permit from local jurisdiction
    If you do not have it at the time of application, it will be needed before issuance of permit
  • Permit fee (cash, check or credit card) of at least 1/3 of payment at the time of application
    The balance of the permit fees will be due on or before the issuance of plans