Children Awaiting Adoption

Playing video games and
watching his favorite
football team, The
Pittsburgh Steelers, are
some activities that Dillan


13 years old

                                       Dillan is a kid that knows
                                       what he likes and what he
                                       wants. His favorite food is
                                       chicken and he says that he
                                       would eat it for every meal if
                                       he could.

Dillan is described by others as outgoing, helpful
and especially good at math. Dillan really enjoys
participating in family activities. He would like a
home with both a mom and a dad that would enjoy
doing things with him. Dillan likes warm weather
and dreams of one day living in a warmer climate,
such as Florida. He would like to have pets but
prefers not to live on a farm.
Due to his history of abandonment, Dillan has a
difficult time with transitions. He has had some
hesitation regarding adoption but states that he is
now ready to meet his forever family. Dillan will
need a family that can give him lots of time and
attention. Continuing counseling services will also
be important to Dillan's future success. Dillan may
do best in a home where he is the only or youngest child.


16 years old

Ashleigh is intelligent, outgoing, and very
personable. She loves to talk and tell jokes.
Ashleigh cares very much about what others think
of her and loves to impress. She also enjoys
Spending time with friends.
Ashleigh would prefer a two parent home that has
younger siblings (if any). Ashleigh enjoys living in
the country and playing with farm animals. She
would like the family to have pets. Ashleigh needs a
to support, encourage, love, and appreciate
her. She would like to maintain a relationship with
her adoptive sister.

Ashleigh enjoys being outdoors, 
playing softball, and is known for
her singing skills!



16 years old

                                    "One of the most important things
                                     in life is family. I want to have a
                                     forever family and one of my three
                                     wishes is to be adopted."

Paul is intelligent, outgoing, and very personable. He
has a great sense of humor. Paul loves to talk and
engage in conversations with others. He can be
extremely respectful and kind. Paul is mature for his
age, would like to graduate high school, and attend
college to become an interior decorator. He cares
about his appearance, takes pride in how he looks,
and likes clothes. Paul likes to participate in indoor
and outdoor activities. He also enjoys spending time
with friends. 
Paul is considering any family composition as long as
they care, listen, love and support him. Paul would
prefer living in a city or more urban area over living in
the country. Paul would like his family to have pets
because he likes dogs and would like his family to
enjoy shopping. Paul wants to maintain relationships
with his birth family.

I love to shop! I enjoy listening to rap 
and hip-hop music and my favorite 
artists are Nicki Minaj and Mariah 
Carey. I enjoy cooking and baking
especially Breakfast and dessert 
items and staying up late.


13 years old

                                                        Cecilia love to listen to
                                                        any kind of music. She
                                                        enjoys being outdoors
                                                        and swimming.

Cecilia is a sweet, non-verbal,
autistic 13 year-old girl. She
has a great capacity to learn
and is currently using an iPad
to communicate. She is highly
motivated by fruit snacks and
goldfish crackers.

15 years old
 skateboard  kayla  Bicycle

Kayla is an energetic and very caring 15 year-old girl. She loves music, enjoys being outside riding her bike, hanging out with friends, roller skating, and loves the water. Kayla also likes to skateboard, play her X-box, and watch football. She likes the Broncos and the Bengals. Kayla is smart and catches on to things very well. However, Kayla needs support to stay motivated and focused. Kayla likes animals, but she is allergic to cats and long-haired dogs. She love dogs and some of her favorites are German Shepherds, Huskies, and Pit Bulls. She is also reported to have an allergy to peanuts and is in the process of further testing.

Kayla's preference is for her forever family to consist of a two-parent home with a mom and a dad, or just a mom, and she would be okay with two moms. Kayla would prefer any siblings to be ages 11 and up. She prefers to stay in the Miami Valley area. Kayla attends church and enjoys participating in the youth group activities. Kayla will need a family that will advocate for her at school and is willing to continue her counseling services.



Playing video games,
music such as hip hop,
Christian, rock and some
country, and playing
outside, are some
activities that Clarence

13 years old

                                     Clarence is a kid that knows
                                     what he likes and what he wants.

Clarence is described by other as outgoing, and
active. Clarence really enjoys playing outside. He
would like a home with an active, youthful family
that would enjoy doing things with him. Clarence
would prefer other children in the home his age.
Clarence likes riding things such as 4 wheelers, go
carts, and golf carts. His favorite foods are tacos,
cheeseburgers, raman noodles, and vanilla
milkshakes. Clarence does not like vegetables.
Clarence likes to attend church.
Clarence has FAP(Familial Adenomatous
Polyposis) which requires annual colonoscopies.




dakota2.jpg  ​Dakota
15 Years Old

 Dakota is an upbeat and social 15 year old girl. She likes to go by "Codi". Codi loves music, her Ipod, being on social media and roller skating. Codi used to play soccer, volleyball, cheerlead, and softball until a sporting injury occurred. Codi is currently in the school band and plays clarinet. Codi loves to eat and enjoy reading. 
Codi has several goals past graduation which includes entering the Air Force. She is eager to have stable employment to add to her savings. Dakota will need ongoing counseling to address past traumas. 
 dakota3.jpg  dakota5.png

15 Years Old

Shelly has a wide variety of interests to include gaming, sports, working with computers, math and drama. Her favorite games are Minecraft and Call of Duty. She enjoys soccer and football and plays volleyball in the summer. She is excellent in math. She enjoys acting. Shelly needs a family to support, and encourage her. 

phillip 6


To get to know any of these children better, call Kelly Muhammad at (937) 562-6633 or Jessica Wilson at (937) 562-6694 at     Greene County Child Services.