Guardianship of a Minor

Guardianship of a Minor

A minor guardianship may be established in our Court when a minor, who is a resident of Greene County, Ohio, has received any money or property, usually through inheritance or a personal injury claim. If the value is $25,000 or less there may be an alternate procedure available to avoid establishing guardianship.

In rare circumstances, a minor guardianship may be necessary for situations in which a minor needs a legal guardian due to circumstances where the minor's parents are deceased or otherwise unable to care for the child. If you believe you need a minor guardianship for this purpose, it is recommended that you contact Probate Court prior to filing a minor guardianship to determine if this is the appropriate action for your situation.

Our Court will not accept for filing any application for guardianship of a minor where the sole or primary purpose of the proposed guardianship is to establish residency for the minor to enroll in school or for the purposes of transferring physical custody for a minor from a parent to any other person. Custody for these purposes is a matter that must be submitted to and determined by the Juvenile Court or Domestic Relations Court.

Please review the checklist below to determine the necessary forms for applying for a guardianship. After reviewing the checklist, if you are not certain of the correct forms of your situation, or need help filling out the forms, please contact an attorney for assistance. The Deputy Clerks in Probate Court are prohibited by law from giving legal advice, which includes advising you on what forms to use and how to fill out the forms.